5 People of Color Solving Climate Change

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Over the past 5 years we have had one white person after another in the spotlight on climate change. As a white guy working on climate change, I find it frustrating, embarrassing, and cringe worthy.

Quite frankly, I wonder if mass media is just plain racist? Let’s see.

You have the old guys Hansen, Attenborough, and Biden.

You’ve got your evangelical Katherine Hayhoe.

You have your youth Greta.

They’ve all gotten tons of press, near and far. But they are all white. Yes, thankfully they are not all old white guys.

But seriously, there are so many people of color…

As humans, we all have a deep seated need for closeness and touch. The pandemic taught us this lesson clearly. As we emerge we are like bears coming out of hibernation. Looking for a mate. And probably with the same primal thoughts that a bear has after such a period of deprivation.

But quite frankly, animals can be assholes when it comes to relationships. Male turtles, even though smaller than their mates, jump on the females back and nip at their neck while holding them underwater. Bat bugs, known for being the sexual sadists of the bug world, stab their…

But there are healthy ways to move through it.

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

In the fall of 2007 my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My heart broke and my stomach dropped.

I lived thousands of miles away from her in grad school. I decided then that I would push through finishing my doctorate and focus my job search on Maryland, where I am from.

Fortunately, this resulted in a number of in person interviews, with side trips to see my family, including being there for a major surgery for my mom at John’s Hopkins.

Unfortunately, I did not get any of those jobs. Remember the timing. …


We wake up, it’s dark. We finish work, look up from our computer, it’s dark. Oh, right, it’s winter.

I don’t know about you, but this dark, cold season can really get me down.

Fortunately, there are some backyard plants that you can grow and use to give you an extra pep in the dark season.

St. John’s Wort

Those micro-moments of downtime are critical for mental and physical health

Woman with a clock face
Woman with a clock face

Monday morning. I sit at the desk in my house, sunlight streaming into my work-from-home space, hoping for a moment’s rest before the onslaught of meetings and requests come in.

It’s worse than I thought. In my Outlook calendar, there are actually meetings overlapping each other — you know those side by side meetings.

Well, that’s great. I forgot to clone myself this morning.

So, I usually just use the “eney meeny miny moe” (yes I did in fact have to Google that spelling) or the rock, paper, scissors approach to pick which to go to. …

Because Winter is Coming

Winter is coming and there’s a good chance you will be exposed to cold germs, the flu, or Covid-19. Let’s hope not, but here are some plants that can help you build a wall of immunity around yourself. I love medicinal plants, and there are many in your backyard that can help with a range of ailments, but with Covid-19 back on the rise now seems to be the time to create an immune bubble for ourselves.

And bonus, you can find many of these plants in your own backyard. But don’t wait until winter to find them. Fall is…

Hint: Remember half their time is kid-centric, not you-centric.

I’ll be honest. It takes a special kind of person to date any single parent. Or at least any single parent who is vested in their kids. If I were single without kids, I am not sure I would do it well.

Nearly 3 years post-divorce and I am still trying to figure out how to date with kids. Many days I think it might be easier to become a monk instead. But before I join the monastery, I’ll impart some of my own thoughts on dating a father.


My Time is Split in Half or More

Picture a pie, but half of it is gone. That’s how…

And Ten Jobs To Help You Thrive

Attack of the Robots (Kalhh)

The World Economic Forum just released the news — By 2025, the time spent on tasks at work by humans and machines will be equal. And no surprise, it will continue to widen the job skills gap.

I put in my dating profile last year that my biggest fear was the rise of robots, and I thought that was a good joke. Nope.

By 2025 they estimate 85 million jobs will be displaced by machines, but 97 million new jobs will emerge — but only if labor is available. …

I learned this in a kindergarten classroom.


I remember picking up my youngest during his 1st year of kindergarten. I overheard kids arguing. One kid said if she does that, just hit her. This was kindergarten. I was floored. I thought, first these are babies, and second this is where it starts — the land of legos and pokemon.

This was less than a year after my son left a Montessori school. I remember picking him up at the end of the day, after all the other boys had left. He would play dress up in various princess dresses with the other girls — without a care…

And the regeneration of your soul.


I recently wrote about the soul sucking nature of cubicles and my experience with them. Before Covid I spent my days sharing a cubicle with a coworker — the first time in a decade. Is this a California thing?

Let’s not forget the fact that even before Covid cubicles were spreading more germs than my kid’s fingers after a trip to Dave and Busters. But they also interrupt the much needed deep thinking introverts like myself need to survive and thrive. In fact, cubicles turned into the worst-rated setting in workplace satisfaction surveys.


Marcus Griswold

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